(Yelp) Alice is an incredible writing coach. She gave me constructive advice that helped strengthen my college essays. Something I really appreciate about Alice is that she is a great collaborator. I never felt like she was rewriting my work and whenever I disagreed with a suggestion she respected my opinion. She is the queen of concise wording and is great at cutting down essays. I genuinely enjoyed brainstorming college essay ideas with her! Alice made the grueling college process so much easier for both my family and me.
10/10 would recommend!
— M.D., The Urban School of San Francisco
(Yelp) Alice helped transform a potentially overwhelming college application process to a truly rewarding experience. She taught me me how to tell my story with clarity, purpose, and confidence. She encouraged me to stay true to who I was, while offering insightful and valuable advice about writing and the application process.

One of the things that makes Alice an amazing college counselor is her genuine desire to help her students. After being accepted to a couple of colleges, I was having a hard time deciding. Alice, asking for nothing in return, offered her time to talk with me, give me advice, and help me make this important decision. I am really grateful for her patience, wisdom, and dedication.
— C.S., Cupertino
I needed immediate help with my personal statement. I was referred to Alice who is very easy to work with. She does great work with the information you give her and helps you create a significant essay. She is very loving and easy to relate to.
— R.M., El Cerrito High School
Thanks for all the help with my admissions essays. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to finish it without your help. :)
— Albany High School Senior
(Yelp) As a high school guidance counselor there is little professional training available to assist me in helping students craft their best college application essay. Working with Alice, along with one of my students, provided me with professional training of sorts so that I can better help my students with their essays. Alice was easy to work with and very gifted at discussing life experiences, brainstorming essay topics and assisting my student in expressing himself through personal story, balancing interest and self-reflection. As a result of my work with Alice, my student was accepted to his dream school, MIT, and I am more prepared to help all of my students with their essays. I highly recommend Alice!!!
— Kara W., Garden City Idaho
(Yelp) I’m extremely blessed to have had Alice edit my resume and college essays. She truly took the time to understand the heart of my essays and offered so many creative and practical suggestions that I could easily incorporate into them. She is efficient and professional; her edits always reflect her vast knowledge in the college admissions process. Her genuine warmth and encouragement have comforted me during this hectic process and boosted my confidence in expressing my stories.
— A.Z., Lynbrook High School, Cupertino
We have so appreciated your help with [our daughter’s] college application process! Your suggestions and editing skills were invaluable as well as your calm, supportive manner.
— The Urban School of San Francisco Parent
Thank you for all your help and support, meeting you in Albany made churning all these essays out a lot more enjoyable and manageable for me.
— St. Mary's High School Senior
(Yelp) I feel so privileged to have Alice edit my writing assignments. Not only is she a gifted writer, but she excels at helping me express myself more clearly and powerfully. With her assistance, my assignments have made a huge impact and have helped me in obtaining jobs and gaining admission into graduate school and various programs. I think working with Alice has been a worthy investment and I recommend that you use her services!!
— K.A., Stanford University
My son has decided to go to UCLA (Engineering program.) We understand that nowadays college acceptance gets competitive or even unpredictable and we are grateful for the opportunity to go to such a great school. Thank you very much for your guidance throughout this journey. You provide exceptional and professional service with a personal touch. If you visit San Jose/Los Gatos area, feel free to give us a ring.
— A.L., Los Gatos High School Parent
Alice is an amazing counselor. Coming into the college application process, I felt completely lost and overwhelmed. She helped me take it step by step, helping me organize my essays and prepare my applications before my deadlines. Alice cares very much about her students, and I never felt rushed or unprepared. She helped keep me in check and relaxed during my already stressful senior year. I highly recommend her!
— Jasmine, Piedmont High School
I really like how Ms. Chen made the class atmosphere so comfortable. TAKE THIS CLASS. IT’S SO HELPFUL AND I LEARNED SO MUCH!”
— Anonymous student evaluation for Acing College and Scholarship Essays Class
I am very excited to say I will be attending Northwestern next year for engineering! Thanks for helping me with my essays.
— Piedmont High School Senior
(Yelp) Working with Alice was an awesome experience. Writing college essays was a daunting task for me at first, but Alice jumped in and worked through every step of the process, including gathering deadlines, brainstorming ideas, and fine-tuning what I’d written.

It was a huge help to understand what college admissions officers are looking for in an essay. Alice provided that perspective, which allowed me to focus my essays on interesting and engaging content. She gave me lots of ideas based on my own stories that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. I never would have guessed an essay about dishwashing at Cracker Barrel would be so interesting.

In all areas, Alice was a huge help to my college applications. Thanks to her work, I was able to get into my top choice for college. A fresh set of eyes on my work is always helpful, but Alice is a step above everyone else I’ve worked with.
— Noah P., , Boise ID
(Yelp) I was initially a little skeptical of requiring a college counselor as my essay workload wasn’t as daunting as many others’ huge college lists, but I’m so glad I decided to give it a shot. Alice did so much more than proof my essays. She focused them and pushed me write them to the peak of my ability, many of which I’ll be saving for college itself. :) Her edits, although a great help with my grammatical “liberties”, helped me think: How to shape this narrative, how to make it engaging and unique and most importantly, how to make this personal so colleges know me. Without attempting to rewrite my work, she helped me flesh out ideas and suggested different perspectives on how to approach them and develop my voice throughout. I can still say for sure that I’m proud of my essays and wouldn’t have them any other way.

Beyond her edits and insights, she helped me relax through it all. Alice honestly kept me from losing my head during all of it and having her cheerful counsel took an edge off of the process as she guided me through. Heck, she made writing my applications fun, of all things. She taught me how to tell a story and tell it well, all the while laughing at weird grammatical errors or realizing the lessons peppered in my life. Above all things, she made sure her lessons stuck with me. After getting help from Alice, I think I could write the same level of essays now that I have what she taught me, but I’d gladly have her again even if I could. Thanks so much!
— Rebekah W., Los Gatos